Separation / Divorce

Parental separation disrupts the family life cycle that was anticipated upon marriage. Some families adjust to this transition with relative ease and return to the comfortable state of homeostasis. While other families escalate to an increased state of disequilibrium struggling to successfully adapt.

Empirical research concludes that it is not parental separation that causes negative outcomes of children but instead exposure to high levels of parental conflict that places children at risk for poor adjustment both short and long term academically, behaviourally, in their peer and intimate relationships along with their sense of self. Children that are caught in the middle of their parents conflict are placed in loyalty blinds when they are required to make their own access arrangements, relay adult/parental information, hide feelings about one parent to the other, forced to ‘spy’ and report back and resist parental conflict tend to be more poorly adjusted that children who parents don’t expose them to the conflict.

Working towards positive adjustment child adjustment requires co-parents to ‘let go’ of their former ‘marital’ role and establish healthy boundaries in separate co-parent roles. This is encouraged by establishing a ‘business’ relationship that is for the sole purpose of co-parenting the children.

Positive post parental relationship are identified as important contributing factors to healthy child adjustment and coping. The psychological health of the parents and quality of parent-child relationships remain the best predictors of children's adjustment.

With Canadian divorce rates rising, along with never-married parental situations increasing the need for client-focused interventions to assist parents, childrens and families transition through this life stage is has never been more prevalent.

Jan has completed extensive multi-faceted professional development in this area completing her Masters of Social Work Case Study on the Implications of High Conflict Divorce on Children and Families. Jan provides service to individuals and couples that are in the process of ‘uncoupling’ by providing therapeutic interventions to make the transition from grief and loss through to a growth and self-development perspective. Jan can assist in developing a parenting plan that meets your, your children's and families best interests.

Separation/Divorce Services:

  • Effective Co-Parenting: Putting Kids First
  • Divorce Coaching
  • Post-Divorce Recovery
  • Child Centered Continuum Model
  • Repairing Estranged Relationships
  • Family Mediation
  • Parent Coordination
  • New Ways for Families Parent Counsellor and Parent Child Counsellor

Effective Co-Parenting: Putting Kids First – is a psycho educational program that provides skills, strategies, resources and support for individuals who are moving the stages of separation and divorce. This program continues to receive excellent reviews and evaluations from participants and service providers who work with individual’s experiences barriers in this process. The program is divided into six components;

  • Understanding the Impact of Separation/Divorce on children,
  • What children Need; Encouraging Access to Both Parents,
  • The Effect of Diminished Parenting and the Impact of Loss;
  • Choosing a Better Way to Communicate;
  • Handling My Own Anger/Managing Conflict;
  • Co-Parenting Into the Future.

Jan provides the following services through contract with Alberta Resolution Services

Brief Conflict Intervention & Family Mediation. Follow this link for eligibility.
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Individual Concerns

Depression, anxiety, trauma and stress are impairments which may impact one’s personal and or professional life. Jan provides services for individuals who experience any of these impairments thru methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) that provide the skills to alter thinking patterns that contribute to symptoms.

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Relationships & Family

Jan integrates EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) along with Structural Family Therapy, Strategic Family Therapy, Family Systems and communication skills. Jan provides services to assist and promote healthy relationships for couples, parent and child, extended family, blended family, and step parents.

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Separation & Divorce

Jan has completed extensive multi-faceted professional development in this area completing her Masters of Social Work Case Study on the Implications of High Conflict Divorce on Children and Families. Jan can assist in developing a parenting plan that meets your best interests, as well as the best interests of your children and that of your family.

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Mediation is a facilitative, interest-based process that assists individual in resolving their differences and attaining mutual satisfactory solutions. The Mediation process allows for the individuals to have more control over the outcome as opposed to litigation which puts the decision making into the hands of others not familiar with your situation.

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