Couples / Relationship / Family

Jan has completed both an Externship and Core Skills training in Emotionally Focused Couples therapy (EFT). “EFT is a short-term, systemic and tested intervention to reduce distress in adult love relationships and create more secure attachment bonds. The approach is also used with families (EMFFT)”. (Johnson, 2005)

Improving family relationships promotes ‘adaptive’ family interaction patterns based on ‘healthy’ attachments and boundaries. This requires the delicate balance of individual growth and connectedness while providing parental nurturance and guidance in the family system as a whole. EFT is a blend of attachment theory, systems theory and experiential therapy that allows for clients to understand how their prior ineffective patterns of communication maintained the problem and the development adaptive new patterns of communication can restore their relationships.

Jan integrates EFT along with Structural Family Therapy, Strategic Family Therapy, Family Systems and communication skills.

Services available:

  • Couple
  • Parent/Child
  • Family/Extended Family
  • Blended Family/Step Parenting

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Individual Concerns

Depression, anxiety, trauma and stress are impairments which may impact one’s personal and or professional life. Jan provides services for individuals who experience any of these impairments thru methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) that provide the skills to alter thinking patterns that contribute to symptoms.

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Relationships & Family

Jan integrates EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) along with Structural Family Therapy, Strategic Family Therapy, Family Systems and communication skills. Jan provides services to assist and promote healthy relationships for couples, parent and child, extended family, blended family, and step parents.

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Separation & Divorce

Jan has completed extensive multi-faceted professional development in this area completing her Masters of Social Work Case Study on the Implications of High Conflict Divorce on Children and Families. Jan can assist in developing a parenting plan that meets your best interests, as well as the best interests of your children and that of your family.

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Mediation is a facilitative, interest-based process that assists individual in resolving their differences and attaining mutual satisfactory solutions. The Mediation process allows for the individuals to have more control over the outcome as opposed to litigation which puts the decision making into the hands of others not familiar with your situation.

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